How to obtain a commercial mortgage

You have found the ideal project and also the perfect plans and location.  Now how do you turn this real estate project into a success?  Terry Kilakos and his team can help ensure that the financing structure of your project is geared to achieve this goal.

Today’s financial tools can either make or break a project. With today’s rapidly changing market, staying on top of the latest available financial tools is difficult for even the most sophisticated promoter or developer.  Our staff is dedicated to the success of your project and will ensure the best possible return on your investments by meeting all your projects’ current and future requirements.  So instead of dealing with the numerous questions and replies from the lenders, you can focus on the everyday details of your project.

Keeping your acquisition, construction, operating or management costs at a minimum is essential. Terry Kilakos and his team can make sure that your borrowing costs are tailored to your objectives.  Our knowledgeable staff will negotiate the best rate and most flexible terms and conditions to maximize your return.

Feel free to contact us today so that one of our brokers can assess your commercial needs on a case-by-case basis and recommend your best options.