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If you are in the market to buy a new home, then you’re going to have a lot on your mind. Your financial future, your family’s comfort, down payments, interest rates, and the life of the mortgage are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider before making this life-altering decision. The last thing you need to be stressing about is which mortgage broker to choose. Truth be told, there is a horde of mortgage brokers in Montreal, so choosing one is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. And just because one accepts your application, doesn’t mean it’s a deal in your favour. You will be responsible for this mortgage for decades, so finding the best mortgage broker in Montreal to get the best rates for you is essential for financial security. It can put tens of thousands of dollars back into your pocket.


At North East, we are a client-focused group of professionals that have worked long and hard to become one of the top mortgage brokers in Quebec, and it’s through our focus on our clientele as individuals that we’ve differentiated ourselves. We believe that all things in life are about balance, and that our industry is no different. Go with a large broker and you may have access to more institutions and lending options — choose a smaller one and you will have more personalized, client-dedicated services. When I started this company, I did so with the goal of finding the sweet spot of this balance: a company large enough to provide a wide range of options at unbeatable rates but small enough to know you on a first-name basis. North East wins only when our clients do. We are in business to serve you, not the big financial institutions. If you’re looking for a local mortgage broker in Laval, the West Island, or all of Montreal and Quebec, then you’ve found the best.


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North East: a different kind of brokering


As we said before, there will be plenty of mortgage brokers in Laval, the West Island or Montreal to help you find a good deal, so why choose us?


Since agents make money when you get a loan, shouldn’t they seek to provide you the biggest, longest-termed, most expensive loan they can convince you to buy? No. That might be how predatory institutions work, but that’s not how we do business here. There’s a reason why North East has put itself a cut above in this city: we understand the people and we fight to get them the best rates. North East is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience, and a level of award-winning service not easily rivaled. A broker is more than just the numbers they can offer you, they are the sum of their local ties, dedication to honesty, and reputation in the local community. We are proud of our position in the local community, and it has been earned through years of dedication to finding the best deals for our customers. We are in business to save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage, and we have done so in Montreal since our inception.


Why It’s important to work with reputable mortgage brokers


When you choose a Laval mortgage broker (or one anywhere for that matter), you are doing more than just hiring a helper in the fight for a good deal. You are trusting your financial future and the security of you and your family to someone that is meant to find you a deal that will work in your favour. The whole point of hiring an expert to help you is to be able to trust what they have to say. Their advice should be gold.


The problem is that it isn’t always this way. The business dynamic is set so that there is a chance for disreputable business people to take advantage. For example, if there’s a loan that is beyond your financial reach but it pays the other party a higher fee, then there’s a good chance an unscrupulous person will exploit it, putting your financial future in jeopardy.


The good news? A bad broker won’t make it. Not in a market like this one. Competitive markets weed out the weak very quickly. The only ones left are those who’ve grown their client base through word of mouth. North East takes pride in being a company that has grown from a small operation to one headed by a realtor nominated for several major awards in the industry. We’ve made it based on our reputation, and that’s earned through hard work and dedication.

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