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A few minutes with us is like meeting with over 20 financial institutions.


With a team of licensed mortgage brokers working for you, North East Mortgages services all of Canada and deals with over 20 financial institutions.



The loan of your dreams should be for the home of your dreams. If you’re looking for a home or selling a home, North East makes it easy for you.



North East Financial can help you sleep better at night with services such as life and disability insurance, investments and wealth management services



Concluding real estate and mortgage transactions can be stressful. With an in-house team of notaries will make this process much easier for you.

Why choose North East Mortgages?

Professional & Reliable Mortgage Broker Services in Montreal, Laval, West Island and Quebec

Professional & Reliable Mortgage Broker Services in Montreal, Laval, West Island and Quebec

You have financial goals, hopes and dreams, as well as some limitations. It’s our job as your local mortgage broker in West Island, Laval, and all of Montreal to find the loan that best suits your needs. We act as the intermediary between you and those that can help give you the mortgage rate & loan you need to turn those dreams into reality. With decades of combined experience in the local area, preferred partner status with the largest and most trustworthy mortgage lenders, and a reputation for helping our clients close the deal, we increase your bargaining power exponentially to help you deal with the heaviest hitters in the lending industry. We understand that each borrower comes with a unique set of personal and financial factors as well as different aspirations, each of which we take into account when trying to find you the perfect loan. North East Mortgages will analyze your situation in terms of you as a person, not as a number. We take a holistic approach to analyzing the lending market for you, and are diligent in our quest to find the perfect fit. It’s our commitment to honesty, transparency, and lending landscape detail that has earned us the reputation that we’ve garnered. Montreal has spoken, and it has chosen North East.

Montreal is a unique, vibrant, and cosmopolitan city bustling with people from different areas of the world. It’s these economic, linguistic, and cultural differences that have shaped one of North America’s most difficult-to-navigate real estate landscapes. North East is here to help you come out the other end on top. As your mortgage broker in Montreal, our diverse team will help you find the best loan for you in your language (we speak more than French and English!) at your pace. Most brokers try to find the mortgage that pays them the highest margins, we try to find the one that fits our client’s needs. If we don’t like how it fits you and your financial present and future, we don’t make the deal. We succeed only if you do. It’s this commitment that has put us a cut above.

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Our Mortgage Services

The best mortgage brokers are those that are fine tuned to the details, acting in your best interest, and able to back up the advice they give you. If your broker can’t explain why something is in your best interest, then rest assured that it’s in their best interest. That’s not how we operate, and that certainly isn’t how we were nominated in multiple categories at the Canadian Mortgage Awards or how Terry has been ranked in the top 75 mortgage brokers by Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine each year since 2012. North East doesn’t work with lowball prices, hide details, or make promises we can’t keep. Our job is to serve you and not the lenders. We serve Montreal, all of Quebec and each province across the nation. It doesn’t matter where you are, we can help you find exactly what you need. Our services include:


  • Mortgagesour team of experienced brokers is multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, and equipped with multiple years of experience. We scour the rates of over 20 financial institutions to find the perfect deal for you.
  • Real estate the loan of your dreams should be for the home of your dreams. If you’re looking for a home or selling a home, North East makes it easy for you. We will guide you step by step through the process, and give you expert advice from licensed agents.
  • Investments and insuranceNorth East helps you sleep better at night by providing insurance for the things that matter most in life. Talk to our team of financial security experts for more information about life insurance or other means for asset protection.
  • Notarial servicesputting the finishing touches on a real estate deal is stressful. Let us help you cross the t’s and dot the i’s with our notaries. With professionals on our staff, you can have a deal finalized without delay.
  • Mortgage renewalif your mortgage is due to mature, then you’ll want to meet with trustworthy professionals to guide you in the right direction. We will let you know when the terms are in your favour. Whether with your current lender or not, we can help you lock in the most favourable rates in advance.
  • Commercial mortgage brokeringNavigating the commercial mortgage landscape in Montreal isn’t easy. We can help you find the best loan to help open your own business, invest in property, or expand your brand.
North East Mortgages: Mortgage Broker Montreal

Terry Kilakos and his team are highly trained mortgage brokers servicing all of Quebec and some parts of Canada. Their portfolio of satisfied clients gives them a sound reputation and makes them the number one choice for mortgage advice. With access to over 20 financial institutions, their role is to shop the mortgage market in order to find the best mortgage rates and options available for your situation. They understand that each client has different mortgage needs, and will work with your specific situation in order to obtain financing from the lender that best suits you.

Unlike a bank, who requires that you fit into a specific box with specific criteria in order to get approved for a mortgage, they work for you in order to increase your chances of approval. They find the lender that will best be suited for you and your particular situation. They negotiate with the lenders on your terms for the best rates and conditions. Thanks to their wide access to conventional lenders, unconventional lenders and private lenders, you get exceptional one-on-one service on a case by case basis and extremely competitive mortgage rates.

At North East, our mission to have every transaction go as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our goal is to set up a mortgage that fits your needs and lifestyle, and obtain the best rate and conditions based on your specific requirements. Our team of highly trained professionals are here to assist in the this transaction in every way possible. Real estate brokers are always here to guide and advise you with respect to selling or purchasing a home or investment property. Onsite notaries make your transaction smooth and provide the legal advice your sometimes require. Finally, financial security advisors and insurance brokers are here to help you structure your finances and protect your real estate and your assets.

Our mission is to make your life easier!

Everything You Need Under One Roof

Mortgages / Real Estate / Financial Services / Insurance / Notarial Services

Our solutions are designed to offer you the best possible rate for mortgage

Solutions Designed Around You

Our licensed brokers specialize in designing mortgage solutions tailored to every client’s individual needs

How Do We Obtain The Best Rates?

Our mortgage brokers fund over $200 Million of mortgages annually, which gives us preferred partner status with all our lender partners

Finding you the best mortgage rates in Montreal

With over 20 major financial institutions giving us preferred rates, we are able to pass these savings down to our clientele. Finding you the best rates takes an experienced mortgage broker who can navigate countless pricing sheets in a volatile market. Locking in your rates ASAP and providing transparent fees are the qualities that have put us on top of our industry. There are no surprises with us. Our team takes into account your current financial situation, your financial past and future, your goals, and the life of the loan as well as other factors before settling on the best rate for you.

The benefits of working with mortgage professionals

At North East, we have no special formula for getting you the best rates. It all comes from our years of experience, dedication, and eye for detail. Expertise in this market is not easy to come by. Anyone can walk into a bank and try to get a loan. The difference is that you won’t have any bargaining power or insider knowledge, and you won’t have the advantages of a team of experienced professionals by your side. Mortgage brokers help you save money and are dedicated to you, not to the financial institutions. Our discounted rates, dedication to the customer, flexible options, and ability to analyze the market to lock in the best rates for you are just a few of the advantages of using a local mortgage broker in Montreal.

North East Mortgages: Giving back to Montreal

In a vibrant and cosmopolitan business centre like this, you will have plenty of options for a broker. Choosing the right one is a matter of understanding more about the company. North East has separated itself from the pack due to our dedication to the customer and the community. Most brokers just do business in Montreal, we are part of the fabric of the community. Founded by Terry Kilakos on the principle of helping the people of this city find the right loans, our company has grown along with the population of the town. We’ve been integral in key charity initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity, where Terry was a sitting committee member; the Telus Walk for the Cure, the fight against Type 1 Diabetes; and many Jewish General Hospital fundraising functions for fighting cancer. On the professional front, Terry and the team at North East have been dedicated to keeping the citizens of this town informed about our volatile real estate market. We want you to own a home as quickly and painlessly as possible. Through helping to educate people regarding:

  • Credit
  • Budgeting
  • Strategies
  • And financial tools

we have helped the people of this city accumulate wealth. North East only hires qualified and certified OACIQ brokers bounded by their ethics and code of conduct.

Contact us today to get the home of your dreams with the loan that best suits your financial needs. North East wants to work for you, not for the banks.

Access to over 20 financial institutions
Home Trust
National Bank
Banque Manuvie
Industrielle Alliance
First National Financial LP
Equitable Trust
Scotia Bank
Banque Laurentienne
Chip Home Equity Bank
First Canadian Title
Canada Guarantee

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